Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving itself was a little strange because Liz and Chris were at a Cowboy's game but having the Guthries here more than made up for their absence. I took Wednesday off from work so I had five days with Froggie. I loved every second of it. She is holding her head up more and she is much more aware of her surroundings. This awareness seems to make for a little less crying since she is more distracted. And after weeks of trying she has finally figured out how to get her thumb in her mouth. And boy does she suck on that thumb. It's so loud I can hear her sucking on it from the next room.

We packed a lot of family time into this weekend. Here are some pictures in completely random order.

Hillsman Jackson photographing Edie at SMU.

Davis and Whitney

Wilson and Ben

Liz and Edie

Wilson and Davis with their Christmas cups.

Uncle Billy finally gets a coonskin cap. (After he stole it from his grandson!)

Setting up the Christmas tree. Step 1

Thanksgiving table. The Tower of Power looks on.

Lindsey and Austin

Bailey and John David

Friday, November 27, 2009

And He's Her Favorite?

This just may be how it goes for mothers. Chris spends Edie's first Thanksgiving at a Cowboy's game and, back at home, I cradle her in my arms for five hours straight. But he is her favorite? When he gets home he has the nerve to regale me with stories of the sexy dancers in cages at the new stadium. Yes they have female (of course) cage dancers at the new football stadium. What about all of their female fans? Did they give them any thought? Think that might isolate them a little? I guess you cold argue that the players are caged performers too. The only difference is is that they get paid millions. I wonder what a caged dancer at a football stadium gets paid? I would assume it's not enough.

An Amy Rush original.

I'll post more TG pictures and observations once it's all over.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Serious Baby

Edie always looks so serious in all her photographs. And Mom and I have decided that her photographs don't do her justice. She is much cuter in person than she is in all her photographs. I made a discovery this weekend. It involves Edie's mood throughout the day. When I get home from work everyday around 4:30 Edie is in a pretty good mood but it slowly declines until around 6:30 or 7:oo at which time nothing makes her happy and she has to be put to bed. By Friday I thend to believe this is just how Edie is. How wrong I am. After spending Saturday and Sunday with her I realize, once again, that she is an absolute angel from the time she wakes up until around 4:00. She will hang out in her bouncy chair and let me do chores. She will also allow me to take her in and out of the car and carry her around stores for hours. She will sleep off and on. But she never cries. She still sleeps through the night most nights. Saturday she went to bed at 6:30 and slept until 5:00 am. She ate and then went back to sleep for several hours.

Look at this adorable ensemble from Little Bean. I am obsessed with baby leggings.
You put a blanket or anything new on the floor and there will immediately be several animals laying on it.


Milo is a licker.

Tummy time.

Watering my plants. I find it's best to soak them in water all day or overnight and allow the soil to soak up water through the drainage holes. The soil will become much more saturated than if you water from above. I do this a couple times a month.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Coon Skin Cap and a Kimono

She's such a good sport.

Edie's adorable kimono from Little Bean.

Coon skin cap from mom's trip to the Alamo. The tail appears to be real!

Coon skin cap, a kimono, and some cleavage.

Daddy's Girl

Well it would appear we have a daddy's girl. When Chris got home from work yesterday and Edie realized he was looking at her from two feet away she was all smiles. Then when Chris put her on his lap, she was practically shouting with baby excitement. It was so cute. Saturday night she cried the entire way home from Granny's. Once we got home Chris came outside and got her out of the car. Once she realized she was looking at Daddy the crying stopped. Am I jealous? Yes, yes I am.

Looking at Daddy

Aunt Linda came in from Phoenix this weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with Granny. She cooked an elaborate meal that looked and smelled wonderful. If it wasn't for Weight Watchers I probably would have had seconds and thirds of everything. But I only allowed myself to eat the broccili and Brussels sprouts which were excellent. She made a huge roasted chicken (chicken is better than turkey if you ask me), Brussels sprouts, dressing patties, mashed potatoes with gravy, mustard glazed carrots, and a pumpkin pie. Granny informed Linda that she made the Brussels sprouts incorrectly. Granny also cried several times at the table. I decided not to post those pictures. Sugar was on hand taking turns begging at each person's feet.

The Allens. Doc was there in spirit.

Cleaning up

Fixing Granny's plate.

Dad had to peel off Edie's leggings because it was 90 degrees in the house.


Maybe she'll give me some.

I think this picture says a lot about Thanksgiving.

I was snapping lots of pictures and Edie started to poop. So.... here it is. Edie's poop face.