Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nasher on Sunday

What's up?  Why is there never anyone at the Nasher?  It was misting slightly for about 3 minutes while we were there.  This is probably why we were the only people outside.  Dallasites refuse to get a little damp or go outside if it's slightly overcast.  I'm not complaining though; it was nice to have the entire garden all to ourselves. 

Miro and Edie.

Pooping at the Nasher Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

My new favorite picture.

I love this kid accessible railing.

William has always been a big supporter of the arts.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is Good

Boy, what a winter!!  For those of you going through hard times, hang in there.  Bad times make the good times SO MUCH BETTER.

And let me say it again, Hallelujah, it's spring!!!!!

Forgot my camera so more pictures to come tomorrow.  For now here are pictures my mom took this weekend.

William smiles at everyone.  I love this boy a whole lot.

Edie is a constant smile or laugh.  I am loving her age right now.

William's new position.  Granddad says that William's middle name is Stimulation.

William took his first trip to the Nasher yesterday.  Loved it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big Boy and a Tantrum

Sweet William getting his nightly bath.

This head scratching tantrum was brought on because I wouldn't let her play with the camera.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Pics from Liz's Phone

Let me say it again....

I'm so happy that spring is here.  Yesterday evening Edie and I had to take Liz to the airport but we got to hang out a little bit in the backyard first.  Last week Edie and I planted lots and lots of cosmos and wildflower seeds in the upper portion of our backyard.  I've been watering every afternoon.  No germination yet but I'll keep you posted. 

We are fighting a battle royal with a colony of diehard ants living beneath our deck in the backyard.  They are living in multiple colonies under the deck, in a bag of potting soil, and in some of my house plants in the kitchen.  Since the windows in the kitchen are original to the house they don't seal well so the ants can come and go as they please.  I spent the better part of Sunday obsessively trying to drown the ants in my houseplants.  Granddad bought ant poison which we are employing now.  This is tricky because Edie wants to go where she isn't allowed.  Grandma constructed a barrier made of lawn chairs yesterday to keep Edie away from the treated area.  I'm hoping to see results by this afternoon.

Checking out the cosmos seeds.


While we hung out in the backyard William did this in the bedroom.  Isn't he an angel!?!!  See his halo?