Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well we have moved to Northmeadow.  It's a beautiful townhouse in Lake Highlands.  We had hardwoods put in throughout, new paint, new window treatments, several new built-in bookshelves, a new, very hip and modern light fixture over the dining room table and we are ready to roll.  Everyone has transitioned smoothly.  Northmeadow, the way life should be (if you can't be in Maine).

Monday, June 13, 2011

White Rock Stables

Liz, this is for you.  As a child/preteen Liz had a fascination with horses that resulted in daily trips to WRS.  One such trip resulted in a small finder bender.  I remember being in the kitchen when mom took the call from Dad saying that he'd hit someone in the stables parking lot or he'd been hit.  The scene in the kitchen wasn't pretty.  There were no cell phones then; I assume Dad drove to Duncan's Liquor to make the call.  Anyway....

I have been taking Edie to WRS every Sunday morning while William naps, for about a month now.  It's a beautiful place in the heart of Dallas.  It's completely surrounded by trees so you feel like you're in the country.  Not only is it full of horses, tractors, dirt, pebbles, and all kinds of things that Edie likes.  It's also full (and mean full) of the goofiest animal on god's green earth---the peacock.  Oh, and in case you didn't know, we're in the middle peacock mating season.  I'm serious. 

Edie's dailouge the entire time: "Dow, da, doe, doe, doe."

Lot's of this.

And this.  

"Doe, doe, doe."


The funny thing about kids is that if you don't show any fear then they don't know to be scared.  I picked up some hay off the ground and fed a horse.  When I turned around Edie was feeding a horse.  She wasn't timid at all.  In fact if the horse took a little too long to take the hay from her she would start to get mad.

 Later that day....
Edie doesn't stop moving.  Ever. It's amazing that I got this shot because she laid there for only .25 seconds.

Sweetness Wee

This is what I call William.  There simply could not be a better baby on the planet.  Edie was good but wow this boy is PERFECT.  When I read to Edie he lays down next to us and listens, never taking his eyes off his sister.  He could stare at her for hours.  He adores Edies.  He stares and smiles and laughs when he sees her.  Edie doesn't know William's in the room most of the time.  William almost never cries unless he's really hungry or he really needs to go to bed.  William's favorite pasttimes include jumping in the jumperoo, teething on plastic rings, turning over from his back to his stomach especially when you are trying to change his diaper, watching his sister do anything, playing with his tongue and lower lip, drinking bottles, and spitting baby food out of his mouth.  Yes, that's right, William, on occasion, will eat baby food.  Actually he will allow the spoon of food to enter his mouth and then he spits the food back out.  I can't get him to swallow any baby food but I know Pastora can because I've changed a diaper full of green pea poop. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


No more hammock required in his baby tub.

Edie looking at her reflection while modeling her new dress.

Being shy.

Our new pet.  We found him in the trashcan and now he dines every evening regardless of how close we are.  We think he lives under the deck.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Swimming Laps

I just swam laps at lunch.  I asked myself what I ask myself every time I swim laps: "Why don't I do this everyday?  I love this."  So.... my new summer workout???  Swimming in the indoor lap pool at SMU.  I wonder how long it will take me to swim for 45 minutes without stopping?