Friday, September 25, 2009

The Past Two Weeks

A lot has happened and I haven't had a chance to blog it. Chris and I just returned from a 24 hour trip to Fort Worth and I swear Tree Frog (aka Edie) has completely grown up. She seems to have changed so much. She looks older and acts older. She seems to follow my voice with her eyes a little more and she holds her head up a little longer. Am I thinking I see this much change or do babies change this much in one day? Pastora began this past Monday. She is extremely gentle and loving with Tree Frog and the annoying pets. When we got back from Fort Worth today she had the dogs and Abby outside with her and the baby so I took her lead and let the cats outside. So far they are wandering around the backyard. I hope this goes okay. Turner would be an easy meal for any predator. She meows the entire time she is out there. I don't know who she's talking to or what she's saying but it doesn't stop. In other pet news, I almost gave Milo away to our neighbor's father but then I backed out at the last minute. Even though he pees all over our house and is determined to ruin our hardwood floor I couldn't do it. I just imagined him wandering the halls of his new house not knowing where he was. It was too sad so he remains here. I cleaned up four peepees before we left for Fort Worth yesterday.

Turner on the outside.

I go back to work on Monday. I am looking forward to it. It feels like fall is here so I am eager to be back outside working with my crew in the gardens. Plus I will be able to hit the SMU gym during my lunches again and attempt to shed this muffin top. I have 20 lbs. to lose to get back to my prepregnancy weight.

Mom (Grandma) is still coming over every night to help me bathe Edie. She also does all the laundry and miscellaneous straightening up. It's wonderful and worth being pregnant for 10 months just to have her here each evening helping out.

Here are some highlights from the past two weeks.

Edie with her first pumpkin.

A big yawn.

Enjoying her first pacifier with Grandma.

Sleeping with Mike and the paps.

This is a common image.

First trip to Northpark.

In Mimi's arms.

Edie and Uncle Billy

Ben, Davis, and Wilson at Uncle Billy's house

John and Bailey playing with Davis and Wilson at Uncle Billy's.

Don't miss the world's largest cat in the background.

Sleeping in the big bed.

This girl loves her bath time. She coos the entire time. She is happy to just hang out in the little tub.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Granny Karen and Grandpa Harwood

Grandpa Harwood and Granny Karen with Edie.

This was a big weekend for Edie. After two weeks of waiting she was able to finally meet her Granny Karen and Grandpa Harwood. There were a couple fussy evenings but for the most part she was a little angel. There was a lot of holding, walking the neighborhood, and a little house hunting. Last week we briefly considered looking for a larger house in a better school district but we decided to stay put for at least the next 4 or 5 years. We love our neighborhood and our house. We belong in Lake Park Estates. I don't know if we are ready for Lake Highlands yet.

As I write this, Charlotte Grace Harwood-Cuppy is enjoying her first full day of life outside the womb. After a not so pleasant pregnancy capped off by Charlotte not wanting to come out of her womb, Chris' sister Liz gave birth yesterday in New Orleans. I know she is glad that is over. Karen and Andy are on their way to see them now. Charlotte is a healthy girl weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. I believe. She is reported to have curly, red hair. From the very small cell phone picture I saw of her, it looks like she looks exactly like Jeff.

This is my favorite picture from this weekend.

Andy and Milo are best friends. He won't admit it but Andy is now a dog lover.

I never thought I would say this but I think I am kind of ready to go back to work. Of course I don't want to leave Edie but I am sick of being in this house and I am being a total bitch to Chris. (This is my blog so I am going to curse if I want to.) I have cabin fever and no sense of purpose other than being a constant source of milk. Part of me will be very glad to go back to work and leave eight hours of baby care to someone else. This someone else is named Pastora. In preparation of Pastora's arrival I have purchased a top of the line electric breast pump that will pump both breasts at once in about 10 to 15 minutes. I had to boil all parts of the pump that will come in contact with the milk for ten minutes to sterilize them. With that done, I will start pumping and storing milk next week. Let the fun begin!

Granny Karen pushing the stroller on one of our neighborhood walks.

Proud grandparents!

Granny Karen

I think Karen would have gladly held Edie the entire time she was here if that would have been possible. It was nice to let someone else hold her for a while so I could accomplish other things. Edie likes to be held. If you set her down, unless she is totally passed out, she will insist you pick her up again.
Milo on Andy's lap which is where he stayed all weekend.


On Grandma's shoulder. Yes, that's a little baby acne.

Edie capped off her weekend with a visit from Nancy, Sarah, and Amy. They brought a bag of Keihl's Baby products and lunch. Nancy has also purchased every Kissy Kissy baby outfit sold in the DFW area. Edie is so lucky.

In the arms of Amy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Last couple days...

I would have to say I am feeling a little more comfortable with Edie. I don't think she is going to die at any second like I did the last two weeks. I am starting to have a better idea what some of the different cries are about. I know feeding cries because they are usually right on schedule. And she has a breakdown most nights around 9:00. Some don't last too long. Others result in her being put in her crib to cry it out. But that is usually it. She is still sleeping almost all day. She really only wakes up to eat. Edie has become a professional boob drainer. She is eating every two to three hours during the day. At night she eats about every 4 to 5 hours. On a good night she only eats twice. She's like her mom, she like to eat, sleep, and poop.

Before going on, I should say that I can't spell. My dictionary is at work and this blog program doesn't automatically correct misspelled words. So, sorry.

Not all fathers take the time to teach their babies how to play NCAA's Football for X Box. She was completely disinterested.

Yesterday we took Edie on her first real outing, other than the car seat check at a police station. She went with us to Central Market. Chris and I have always done our grocery shopping together. When we first started dating we lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and did the bulk of our grocery shopping at a Super Walmart. If we were feeling saucy we would go to Winn Dixie. Oh how the times have changed. After shopping at Central Market for the last 4 years I couldn't imagine actually eating any food that came out of a Walmart. We are proud grocery store snobs. I would like to think that our weekly family trips will become something that she looks forward to. She can pick out cool looking fruit and eventually she could pick out recipes and look for the ingredients. She'll be cooking us dinner in no time.

As I mentioned above, Edie and I went to a police station in Deep Ellum the other day to get the car seat inspected. Turns out we have almost everything wrong. The base was installed incorrectly and it's placement in the car was wrong. She had also been strapped in wrong. I'm super glad we checked. It makes me wonder how many babies and kids are in car seats that are improperly installed. Probably the majority. Installing the base properly required crawling into the car, kneeling with both legs on the base while pulling a strap with all my strength to get it as tight as possible.

Also introduced this week was the Baby Bjorn, aka, the greatest invention ever. If only they would make one that was safe to use in the car while driving.

Headed into Central Market. Turns out we shouldn't have put the carrier on the cart like that. From now on she will be in the Baby Bjorn.

She won't remember this trip because she slept through the entire thing.

Putting together the running stroller.

With a little help from the dogs.

Mother Teresa.

In her Texas onesie made by the author of my favorite blog.

Mom giving Edie her second bath in the tub. Note the frog belly.