Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend Update

Edie has survived her first fever.  She was hot and showing signs of not feeling well on Saturday.  She had sad, tired eyes and she wanted to be carried around ALL DAY.  We took her temperature on Sunday afternoon and it was 101.2.  Went to the doctor on Monday and he said it was a common summertime virus that kids gets and it would be followed by a rash.  We are now in rash phase which, thank god he told us was going to happen, otherwise we would have been back in his office.  Edie still wants to be held and walked around more than normal and she isn't eating much but each day she seems a little better. 

I don't believe I've ever showed Silly Buddy to yall.  Well, here he/she is.  Behold Edie's lovey.  She sleeps with Silly Buddy, sucking on his ears or hands while she passes other ears, hands and feet through her fingers.  She will sleep through the night with Silly Buddy hanging out of her mouth.  During the past few days she was so fussy I allowed Silly Buddy to come out of the bedroom and join us throughout the day.  Whatever it takes. 

I have no idea how she could have been exposed to the virus germs.

Edie loves her shoes and socks.  She wants to wear them at all times.

Edie's Granny Karen gave her a stroller designed to help toddlers learn how to toddle.  She's been working on it several days now.

Edie's grandparents.  In case you can't tell from these pictures, Chris' dad, Andy, is exactly who she looks like.  They have identical skulls.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blowing the sidewalk for the Simmons Building dedication.

Sigala getting ready to open concrete bags.  He and Torres are installing another platform for more bike racks.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's a New Guy in Town

I know there's been a White Rock Coffee on NW Hwy in Lake Highlands for several years but now there is a new one at Mockingbird and Abrams which is on my way to work and it has a drive through unlike the Starbucks which is across the street.  I stop there every morning now.  I am excited to get my drink and always a little nervous that they've made it wrong.

Pros:  I order a large, decaf (b/c I'm preg.), nonfat latte.  It's the best one ever.  Their coffee is roasted in their own roasters in the neighborhood so it's much more fresh than Starbucks which is why it tastes strong but not burnt like SB.  I like that WRC has local ownership.  And I love that I don't have to get out of my car.

Cons:  They WILL make your drink wrong at least twice a week sometimes they'll make it wrong two or three times in a row in the same transaction.  They made my drink with caffiene this morning despite the fact that I was the only person there.  They couldn't blame it on a long line of people and orders waiting.  Once they made it with whole milk. When I reordered it they made it with skim but it wasn't decaf.  That being said I am still rooting for them. 
I'm going to stick with it though.  I won't give up on them yet.  I will just have to nag them about the decaf thing about 5 times each time I order.  "You are making a decaf right?"  and "Is it a decaf?" and "You understand I want skim and decaf?"

Frog Crawl

Edie prefers to crawl with a toy, or last night, a lid in her hand.  She BANGS it on the floor with each step.  We can hear her meandering her way through the house.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Update

I moved a few things into Edie's new room over the weekend.  Liz is coming in at the end of the month to help decorate so I haven't hung anything on the walls yet, which has not been easy.  Mom and Dad's garage is packed full of beautiful antiques of theirs and a lot from Granny and Doc's house so lucky Edie get's a new room full of old stuff.  She has been busy checking it all out.  She loves to go the cradle and try to turn the white knobs because one turns and one doesn't.  

 Big Deal Alert:  Over the weekend she began putting her stuff back into the container she had just taken it out of.  She will go up to something and throw out all its contents and now she will put some of it back!!!  Could we have a clean freak?  Let's hope so.

Playing with my dirty tennis shoes is one of her favorite hobbies probably because she knows it's forbidden.

This past weekend I did what might be my first truly crazy mother thing.  I took Edie to get a haircut even though she has almost no hair.  Her hair is a little long over her ears so I thought maybe they could shape it a little.  I asked the stylist if this was ridiculous.  He immediately replied, "yes".  But he said he'd try anyway.  Every time he attempted to snip Edie would turn her head.  He managed to trim her bangs a little.  She doesn't look any different.  I think I really thought we'd come up with a cute bob.  Like somehow he would magically get her hair to grow.

Thumbs up for my new hair cut.



Sippy Cup Action:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Hank

Hank is due January 4 so I am taking the steps now to rearrange the organization of the entire house to fit him in.  Step 1:  Remove everything from the knotty pine room so I can have it sheetrocked and painted to make it Edie's new room.  When you live in a small house with closets the width of a telephone booth, emptying the contents of one closet affects the contents of EVERY other closet in the house.  It's all about being willing to throw stuff out.  Fortunately I love purging stuff so I don't have a problem with this.  I also have one of the worst and smallest wardrobes in the world, as does Chris, so our clothes don't take up much space. Step 1 is almost complete.  The room is painted; now we just need to decorate and move Edie in.  Step 2: (I was nervous about this one.)  Remove litter box from shower in the bathroom connected to this room and get the cats to do all their business outside.  Our dogs may be the two biggest idiots on the planet but it looks like the cats aren't so dump.  They took to it right away.  I haven't found a single deposit and it's been a week.

Edie's new room is entirely white, probably a bad choice for a kid's room but I wanted it to be bright.  The room used to be dark, knotty pine wood paneling. I was going for the complete opposite.  I ordered a convertible crib from Target last week.  It should arrive any day now.  It will begin it's life as crib then convert to a toddler bed and then an adult queen (queen mattress not included).  Chris will get to assemble it when it arrives.   

Step 3:  Making Edie's nursery a boy's nursery.  This won't be difficult as I did not go crazy with the pink actually you would be hard-pressed to find any.  Just swap out some accessories and we'll be done.

Ignore the table and chairs.  The contractor did that when they finished.

Our adaptable cats.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update

This Saturday was the Friends and Family event at Chris' new Another Broken Egg on Greenville Ave.  It was a success. Chris has worked day and night to make the restaurant perfect. I am so proud of him!  Edie had a fabulous time because she got to be held by all her favorite people.  She also ate a ton of food including her first pancake.  She had another first on Friday--- Edie has now eaten fried food.  I shared some salt and vinegar potato chips with her.  She ate some tiny little pieces and seemed to enjoy them despite the strong vinegar flavor.

Since we had Jason and Hannah staying with us this weekend Mom kept the Frog from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.  Thanks Mom!!  To make up for lost time destroying the house Edie really got down to business on Sunday afternoon.  She took everything out of her toy cabinet and them moved on to the bookshelves and all her toy baskets.

She dumps all the puzzle pieces out. At this age she thinks that's what you do with puzzles.

The path of destruction.

Edie begging for chips.

Chris and Louie watching the game.

Edie crawling around with Chris' iphone.

Milo about to get hit.  Milo, the perfect dog around children, just takes the beatings.  He likes the attention.

Sarah's birthday card to Edie is getting framed to go in her new room.  I love the owl.