Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting Friends and Family

Since I am incredibly paranoid about Swine Flu I am not taking Edie out in public. She has gone on walks through the neighborhood and several trips in the car (which she does not get out of) and of course every other week trips to the doctor. But that is it. People have to come to her! Well, actually she did call on one person... Granny, but she's the exception. Here are shots of some of the people that have paid Edie a visit.

During a diaper change on Saturday, Edie's umbilical cord fell off. Of this moment, Anne Lamott writes in her book, Operating Instructions, "It's like something a long-haired cat would get stuck in her tail." Mom (my mom) was changing the diaper so she made the discovery. To celebrate Edie was given her first big girl bath. I think she liked it. On Saturday afternoon and night Edie had her first real meltdown. Unless she was on a boob, she cried from about 4:00 pm to around 11:00 pm. Around 8:30 pm we put her in her crib and shut her door and our door. I think I fell asleep in about two minutes. Chris couldn't fall asleep; he said the crying lasted at least an hour and a half. I felt guilty at first but the desire/need for sleep won out and the best thing to do seemed to be to seperate her form us. It turned out to be a great idea because I slept better that night than I have in two weeks. I was really nervous Sunday morning that the crying would begin again so I asked my mom to come over in anticipation of the melt down but it never happened. Thank God!

Edie's first bath. There was very little crying, if any.

The fit that never happened.

Cute images from this weekend.

The legs crack me up.

Abby is probably not happy about sharing her chair.

Looks a lot like Chris here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Love

Chris is off today so we began the day with a walk through the neighborhood before it got hot. Edie slept through the entire walk as she has every other walk. The sleep faces she makes during the walks are hilarious. She does the best Winston Churchill.

Looking like Liz.

I feel great all day until around 4:00 pm then I start having serious self doubt. I start to feel like she isn't eating enough or that something may be wrong even though she is sleeping peacefully. I assume this is what they call the postpartum blues. It comes at the same time everyday so it's got to be hormonal. It starts around the time Chris gets home from work. Hmmm.

In her too big socks and her too big onesie.

Love the feet.

A rare cry.

A kiss from Daddy. She doesn't seem to mind the mustache.

After a feeding.

Milo in a brief drizzle.

Could this be any sweeter?

Love the gray socks.

Chris has embraced yard work. He is mowing, weed eating, and blowing without complaint every week. He bought me a Echo weed eater for my birth gift. With a baby and weed eater I feel like our life is complete. What more could any couple possibly need?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 9... Many New Things

Day 1: Edith's first pose. Around 7:00 p.m. August 17, 2009

I create this blog on the ninth day of Edith (Edie) McCoy Harwood's life. So far she is an absolute angel. She has cried two substantial cries (by Edie standards) twice since we have been home. I believe a total of three big cries ever. For Edie a big cry last about 15 minutes. Let's hope that doesn't change too much. She has Chris' temperament. Calm. Edie is a Liz Allen and Chris Harwood hybrid. She is a like a hologram, depending on how you look at her you may see Liz or Chris. Sometimes I see myself.

Day 2

I was so nervous in the hospital that I was going to do something wrong. I was worried I wasn't feeding her enough. She lost 10 ounces in two days while we were there. When we left the hospital I was so scared I was starving my baby. Now she is waking up to eat almost every two hours.

Day 3: Back at home

Once we got home I gained more and more confidence with each successful feeding. Now every feeding is a good one.

Milo is in love. His carefree days are over. He has responsibilities now.

Day 4: With Nana's cap and Polly's blanket.

Day 5

Day 7: With Aunt Liz and Milo.

Day 8: Napping with Daddy and the paps.

Day 9: I think this speaks for itself.

Lobster booties and a blurry Milo.