Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can walk with a little help from my friends.

This is what I saw when I pulled into the driveway after work yesterday afternoon.  Pastora and Edie were going for a stroll.  When I got out of the car and picked Edie up she started crying.  She wanted to continue walking.  Hey, Edie, check this out, you can walk whenever you want, by yourself.  Why don't you try it sometime!  Just kidding, take your time.  You can walk whenever you feel like it.  Edie likes to walk on her tippy toes; Pastora discovered if you put her shoes on she will keep her feet flat.

Edie likes to unwind before bed with a drink. 

Reading to herself.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update

Let's start here.  Here's a 22 weeks pregnant belly.  The rest of my body (legs, butt, face) are really beginning to grow too.

Edie was here.

A kitty crime scene.

What's out there?  Oh just our neighbor's annoying dog that barks all night right outside our bedroom windows.

It was actually cool enough briefly on Saturday morning for Edie to wear a sweater on our walk.

Hugging kitty.

Edie can pick out the stuff animal when asked.  She knows the words alligator, kitty cat, and bear as they apply to these particular stuffed animals.  Here she can be seen picking out the alligator.  Genius.

At the Dallas Museum of Art.

Chris and Edie both already bored.  But..... notice she's holding her sippy cup!

Time to go home.

Frog explaining the meaning of this sculpture to Chris.

Future librarian pushing her cart of books.

She can stick her fingers into the holes cutouts.  Again, genius.

Going for the shoes.

Almost there.

Pushing Abby.

Crawling on an oblivious father.

"That's just the edge of the bed she's heading for Chris.  Don't get up."

Friday, August 27, 2010

I can feed myself and drink from a sippy cup (when I feel like it).

We put Edie's enormous highchair in the garage and set up the space saver highchair that straps onto a chair. Much better, we bought ourselves about 2 more inches of space in that crowded corner of the kitchen.  Edie loves being part of a sit down meal.  She will sit quietly while we talk waiting for more food to be put on her tray.  She will make it through the entire meal whether at home or in a restaurant without a meltdown, most of the time.  She has great table manners.  Granny would have been so proud because, to her, nothing was harder to tolerate than children (no matter how young) with bad table manners.  Edie is getting better about getting the little pieces of food in her mouth.  Now only about 10% of the food ends up in her lap.  And..... she will drink from her sippy cup if it has ice water in it.  Pastora told me this trick.  She said Edie will only drink milk from her bottle but she will drink water from her sippy cup.  Thank god Pastora notices these things and/or has the patience to crack the Frog code.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mixed Lantana

In this courtyard on campus I mixed lantana varieties of two shades of yellow, pink, and orange.  It turned out really nice.  And it took all the heat and sun; and this courtyard really bakes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Nikon is back and Frog hates her sippy cup.

Thank god I've got my camera back.  Once again I took it in for a repair and they said nothing was wrong with it.  It worked all weekend.  Let's just hope it keeps on tickin.  We took Edie to her one year check up last Wednesday.  The doctor told us to stop giving her a bottle.  She is now supposed to use a sippy cup with whole milk not formula.  He said to go cold turkey, that kids don't transition.  He said to never let her use a bottle again.  He also said the transition would take about half a day, maybe one full day.  I was good and I didn't give her a bottle for one full day.  She also consumed almost no liquids that day because she refuses to take one drop of liquid from her sippy cups.  We were giving her water and milk with adult drinking cups which isn't great because it spills everywhere.  On Friday night I couldn't stand thinking she was dehydrated so I gave her a bottle of  milk before she went to bed.  She inhaled every last drop.  Cut to Sunday and I gave her bottles all day long.  I intend to do some internet research on the subject.  If I had followed dr's orders Edie wouldn't of had any liquid since Wednesday afternoon.  She doesn't mind that she's drinking cow's milk now instead of formula but she is attached to her bottle and WILL NOT drink from that damn sippy cup.

Edie will drink from Big Red Cup.

The water goes all over her and the floor.

Chris wiping her face after he wiped the floor.

Edie reunited with her bottle.

Edie is now obsessed with opening and closing doors. This can occupy her for 10 minutes at a time which for Edie is quite something.  Open, close, open, close.

All of the china was relocated from this antique cabinet to one in the kitchen up high and out of reach.

This weekend I got rid of a lot of stuff (crap) from the tiny closet in what will become Edie's room.  All of my holiday wreaths--gone, photo albums now in hall closet,  nursing shirts and bras washed because they were covered in cat fur, stack of C-fed for life baseball caps gone (sorry Amy).   It feels so good to purge.  My mom went through Edie's current closet (soon to be William's) and took out everything she had outgrown to be taken to her house for storage until my sister has a baby girl, no pressure Liz.  Basically you and Amy will just have to keep trying until one of you has a girl because we've got a lot of gorgeous girly clothes to pass on.  The closet what will be Edie's new room is really a coat closet.  It's about 3' wide just large enough for about 1/8 of her wardrobe.  I think I will get a rolling rack like you see in clothing stores.  I'm not kidding.

Helping out in the closet.

In a split second she pulled everthing out of one of the bags.

When her work was done she crawled away to destroy something else.

Waking up sweaty after her two hour afternoon nap.

Another development is that Edie prefers to read her own books now.  She really doesn't have the patience for us to read to her.  She wants to look at her books by herself.   And.... she now doens't read/look at them upside down anymore.  She will turn them around first.

Reading aloud to herself.  Soooooooo cute.

Edie loves to attack my belly button and my leg mole.