Friday, October 30, 2009

A Study in Thighs

I could spend hours holding Edie's thighs in my hands. They feel so soft and smooth and just really soothing. Last night I was changing her diaper and found that I didn't want to put her leggings back on. I instead wanted to hold those thighs. Then I got this urge to bite her thighs like you would be a big, juicy apple. I managed to control myself.

Edie is staying awake so much longer. In the past weeks, when I get home from work around 4:20 Edie is asleep onto of Chris. We would usually have to wake her up around 5:00. Not this week though. She hasn't been napping much in the afternoons at all. I try to hold her and take her on walks and talk and play and stimualte her as much as possible until she goes to bed. This is my 4:00 - 8:00 routine: Walk in the door a little before 4:30. Push the dogs down and try to show them a little love. Eat something really fast. Take Edie and talk to her and let her stand up and sit down over and over. Take a bath and shave my legs while Chris holds her. Then Chris gives her to me and we finish our bath together. This is my favorite part of the day. She loves her baths. She could stay in there forever and she like the water really hot, just like me. We get out and put on her pj's/next day's outfit. Then we go on a little walk around the block or up and down the street. She stares up at the trees while I tell her what kind of tree she is looking at, both common and botanical names. We come back inside and I set her down in her crib and we talk. She looks up at her mobile and we talk about her day. Her little sounds/baby talk is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!! God, it's so sweet.

She has been going to sleep around 8:00 and sleeping all night. When I left the house this morning at 6:00 she hadn't woken up yet. That's 10 hours!! She's such a good baby.

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 20-24

Well, Edie is in love. And I'm not sure it's with me or Chris. Her true loves seems to be Pastora. She melts in her arms and gazes up into her eyes with a look like, "Where have you been all night? You are my favorite, not those other two." Pastora holds her all day long. I don't think she ever puts her down except to change her diaper.
In Pastora's loving arms

The sweet reunion.

Asleep on Chris in the Baby Bjorn.


Dork II

She loves her Boppy.

Ready for Halloween or a Saints game in her Boo Dat onesie.

We had new book shelves installed on Friday. They are sooooooooooo gorgeous. How did we live without them for so long?
Before installation.

On Friday night we enjoyed dinner with Ann and Josh and Jeremiah. Those three people are three of the funniest people I know.

A girl and her wig.

Edie's two month Dr.'s visit in stages from incredibly happy to incredibly pissed.

Edie had her two month dr's visit on Tuesday. She was so happy and playful the entire time. Which made the three shots seem even worse. She had no idea what was coming. It was hard to watch. She now weighs 10 lbs. 1 oz. and is 22 inches. She looks so big to me. She is staying awake longer and is much more alert. She loves to look around at her surroundings. I can tell she is now, on some level, thinking about what she sees. She is trying to take it all in. Edie and I had several long conversations yesterday. I'm not sure what we were talking about but I would talk and then she would talk back. Each development like this is so amazing and special. I can practically see the brain development happening before my eyes.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Months Old

What a great weekend. Edie turned two months on Saturday. It seems so much longer than that. We attempted to be normal (nonbaby) people on Friday evening by going to dinner and the David Cross show at the Lakewood Theater. The show was awesome but I ended up being unable to pump for about 6 hours which was a huge mistake. By the last hour of the show, all I could think about was getting out of there so I could go home and pump.

Breastfeeding is all consuming. I have been pumping or nursing every 2 2/2 to 3 hours day and night for the last two months. Think about what that means. Science has proven that breastmilk is an amazing substance that gives your baby all kinds of immunities and a myriad of other health benefits but boy do I understand why people use formula. They recommend that you breastfeed for one year. We'll see. We'll see. Oh, and the promise of losing all your pregnancy weight by breastfeeding, not true for me. I pump three full bottles worth of milk everyday at work. Those bottles are what Pastora and Chris feed her the next day. She seems to prefer the bottle now. She will still feed from the breast but not with the same enthusiasm as she does from the bottle. She won't eat as much from the breast either. I hope she doesn't reject my breasts all together; I would really miss it.

Saturday morning I woke up and watched the instructional dvd that came with my camera. I've had the camera for about two years so I figured it was time to learn how to use it properly.
'Duchesse de Brabant ' rose in the backyard

The drying boppy after a cleaning. Why clean a Boppy? Because Milo peed on it.


Nancy's gerbers

Mom cleaning basil for pesto

Newellton pecans instead of pinenuts are just as good.


Dad (Mike) had a lot Edie time this weekend.

Mike and Grandma assembling a toy from the Canadians while Edie sleeps.

Gravity cheeks.

On Mike's lap.

Saturday eveving we paid Granny a visit. To hear Granny tell it she is completely falling apart but for a 90 year old I think she looks great. She's Granny, what can I say?

This cry induced a "Shutup!" from Granny.

Hanging out in Doc's room

Having quiet enjoyment on Doc's bed.

Granny's bears.

Doc's desk calendar from 1978.

Granny's chiming clock.

Doc's lamp shade.

Pie chest latch.

Mom found this on Doc's desk. This is Dad's handwriting.

Doc's pictures.

Granny's sampler.

Train depot paintings.