Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tulip Bulbs

I love how Roberto uses a litter getter to place the bulbs.  I now know when you have big belly, as both Bobby and I do, it's almost impossible to bend over to the ground.  Thus the litter getter.

Perle d'Or

I apologize for the slightly blurry pictures but here is the newest addition to our Earthkind rose collection on campus.  This rose is Perle d'Or.  It's a peachy pink and the petals are long and more narrow than most other roses and they curl backwards.  It's proved itself to be very tough as we had a drainage problem in the bed they are planted in which resulted in several months of waterlogged soil.  They powered through and are in full bloom now. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The Thanksgiving holiday was perfect.  I took almost the entire week off from work to spend with the Frog.  There was lots and lots of family time and we all took turns letting Edie hold a finger to walkie walkie.  We walked around the house, walked up and down the street, and we all watched as Edie pushed her stroller through the house and over her books and other toddler debris that she leaves scattered on the floor.  Edie slept through the Thanksgiving meal and she didn't eat any turkey as she chooses to eat only fruit and the occasional scrambled egg.  I on the other hand ate continuously for the five days.  I don't remember having this constant, unquenchable hunger with Edie.  It is literally impossible for me to get full.  I am thinking about food as I write this post.  Can't wait for Christmas and William's arrival! 

Edie and Aunt Liz.

Edie hugging the ottoman.

Amy, Liz, and Taylor, and Stan at the Trot.

Liz and I baked an apple pie.  That's not big deal for Liz but a major thriumph for me.  It was excellent.

Grandma put together an art table for Edie.  She was more interested in the box the crayons came in than the crayons.

Most everything must go into the mouth for a test chew.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Update

A strange thing has happened.  My morning sickness has returned.  Early in pregnancy I always smell this certain, repulsive smell.  No matter where I am I smell it and it completely grosses me out.  It returned yesterday along with some Braxton Hicks.  I am 34 weeks into this pregnancy and I really want to incubate William for at least another month!!  I have heard women say they were nervous about their second child because they didn't know if they could show it as much love as the first.  I always thought that was so stupid, of course you could.  Well I have started having that feeling along with one where I worry that Edie won't get enough time and attention because of William's newborn needs.  I know it will be fine but pregnancy hormones make for some good worrying. 

I will be 34 weeks tomorrow.

Edie has started organizing her books.

Edie is such a pack rat with her stroller.  She took these headphones out of a drawer, crawled across the room with them and put them in her stroller.

Then she took this ball to her stroller.

Edie now enjoys looking through her photo albums.

Chris and his best friend Jason take a stroll with the Frog.